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3 Tech Innovations for Your Project Sites

For years, the construction industry has become increasingly reliant on technology to boost efficiency, improve safety, cut costs, and meet the government’s rigorous building standards. Recently, many of these innovations have transformed from a luxury to a necessity, and contractors are taking notice.

In order to keep up with the already steep competition between contractors and deliver the highest quality product possible, construction professionals are embracing innovations in technology that have the opportunity to reinvigorate an industry that has long suffered from a skilled labor shortage. Let’s face it, doing things the old-fashioned way is no longer viable in a world where lean construction promises to improve safety and reduce our environmental impact with a think-first, do-second approach to construction. Is your firm prepared for this shift towards even more advanced technology?

In this article, the Tallahassee construction lawyers from Cotney Construction Law will discuss three cutting-edge innovations in technology that can help you get the most out of your workforce and streamline the building processes on your project site.

1. An App to Keep Everyone on the Same Page During a Crisis

Safety is always top of mind in the construction industry, but it can be challenging to prepare every employee on your workforce for a crisis. When a crisis occurs, the first thing that tends to happen is that people become confused. An alarm sounds, but they don’t know where to go, or they know a general safety protocol but lack the knowledge or experience to make the right move during a specific type of crisis.

An app that was published in 2018 is starting to make its way to more and more construction sites to help improve workplace safety and ensure that all workers are on the same page during a crisis. When an incident takes place, this app sends a blast containing the proper crisis management plan so workers can follow the instructions to a T. Workers can scan themselves into a project site on the app where they can send and receive push notifications with other users on the site. It even comes hardwired with the emergency contacts.

2. Visual Reports with Cloud-Based Software

Most construction projects, whether residential or commercial, take months or longer to wrap up. It’s vital that contractors have a method for effectively documenting project progress during this timespan. Now, cloud-based software that can be used to produce and organize photographs is entering the fray, allowing contractors to develop an updated visual record to help projects continue on their path forward while meeting their milestones. By pairing this type of technology with other apps, contractors can even create virtual reality walkthroughs of project sites.

3. Analytics Tracking for KPIs

Bolstering business intelligence is another important factor for contracting firms that want to improve operations on and off the project site. New tools allow contractors to analyze and display KPIs visually to reveal underlying solutions to overlying problems. It can help contractors reveal which processes are lagging behind, where training is needed, and where money should be invested to ultimately bring down the overall cost of the project.

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