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4 Reasons Contractors Shouldn’t Use DIY Legal Sites Part 2

Do-it-yourself (DIY) legal sites all over the internet are selling cheap legal forms under the premise that they’re a cheap alternative to hiring a lawyer. They may seem like a good deal at face value but can ultimately be very expensive, costing you time or money that you don’t have to spare.

We went over two ways that DIY legal sites can harm your business in part one of this article. Now, a Greensboro contractor lawyer will reveal two more reasons.

3. Little to No Customization of Forms

Online DIY legal sites normally provide forms with small blanks so you can fill in the variables. Filling in the blanks isn’t very effective at covering the scope of your project, lien rights, and damages for delay. You can’t add other sections to the form, so you could be missing entire clauses needed for your contract. You deserve to have your rights protected, and most basic forms aren’t specific enough to cover your business needs.

4. Advice Not Included

Online legal forms companies cannot give you advice. That means they don’t check that you are using the correct form, date, legal entity names, or properly protecting your company. If you make a small mistake, like selecting the wrong state from a drop-down list, you could be missing important information from your contract. Some of the disclaimers on DIY legal forms even state that you should talk to a qualified attorney before using the forms.

Many of these companies do, however, offer to connect you to a law professional online for an extra charge. It can be difficult to communicate your needs in a chat or call, and the person on the other end of the conversation may not be an expert in construction law or even the laws in your state. Paying for a standard form and then being upsold advice results in you getting less and paying for more than you intended.

Greensboro Construction Lawyers

At Cotney Construction Law, our lawyers are well-versed in construction contracts and any other forms your business needs. We’re able to tailor forms to your specialty, situation, and project. Our lawyers are available to help you get the forms, legal representation, and advice you need.

If you would like to speak with our Greensboro construction law lawyers about contracts and forms, please contact us today.

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