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5 Skills to Excel in Construction Management Part 1

Our Tampa construction lawyers know that as the construction industry flourishes, it is increasingly important that qualified construction managers are selected to facilitate the completion of successful projects. There are numerous construction management opportunities throughout the United States. In fact, the US Bureau Labor Statistics reports that the field is projected to grow by 11 percent from 2016 to 2026.

There are several essential skills construction managers must have to excel in the profession. In the first part of this article, we will discuss two skills: staying calm under pressure and prioritizing work. In part two, we will focus on problem-solving, communication, and delegation.

What is a Construction Manager?

On any given construction project, construction managers will be found supervising the work of others. Their work includes preparing budgets, cost estimates, and work timelines. They interpret contracts, hire subcontractors, report work progress to clients, and collaborate with other project stakeholders. Additionally, they have to ensure that the project runs smoothly and up to code. The best construction managers should know how to keep a project on time and on budget and make crucial decisions throughout the entire construction project lifecycle.

Calm Under Pressure

Construction projects consist of many moving parts and a range of people. Construction professionals often work long, demanding hours, and there is little room for error. Challenges are inevitable, and many of them lead to stress and anxiety which must be managed well. An experienced construction manager should know how to remain calm under pressure. The ability to maintain your composure is a valuable skill for keeping projects flowing smoothly.

Ability to Prioritize

Construction projects are multifaceted. Prioritizing work is one of the biggest challenges for construction managers because everything seems urgent on a daily basis. Construction managers must understand how to manage people and processes to keep schedules flowing, and they must know how to draw a clear line between what is important and what is urgent. They must also properly assess their own bandwidth, learn to say no to projects, and be flexible with the project process because things are subject to change.

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