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Career Opportunities for Military Veterans in Construction Part 4

In January 2018, President Donald Trump rolled out a $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan that aims to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. In order to reach this lofty goal, the construction sector will need to create over one million opportunities for new workers. Many of the prospective workers to support this endeavor will come from the United States military.

In this five-part article, the Central FL contractor attorneys at Cotney Construction Law are discussing ways that military veterans can get involved in construction projects. In sections one, two, and three, we covered everything from the challenges veterans face when joining the workforce to how their unique qualifications align with the needs required to work on construction projects. In this section, we will feature some specific positions that former servicemen and servicewomen can excel at including: supervisor positions and skilled technical positions.

Supervisor Opportunities

Every construction project needs reliable supervisors that can assist with managing the project. Whether this is as a foreman, supervisor, superintendent, or crew leader, there are many opportunities for former military members to earn a competitive salary and enjoy job growth within their position. Although some veterans elect to go back to school and earn a degree in construction management, veterans can progress to a supervisor position with on-the-job training, a work development program, or even prequalify with their military experience and training.

Whether it’s a job on a construction site supervising a crew or a job working for a supplier monitoring the transport and delivery of materials, military veterans can immediately become a major asset to construction-oriented positions if they had any experience as a supervisor during their service.

Skilled Technical Positions

Since The Recession, which occurred around a decade ago, there has been a dire need for more skilled workers in the construction industry. For veterans that have military training in a specific field, they can make a seamless transition to the construction workforce and work in several lucrative construction positions. For example, electrician jobs are among the most popular career options for veterans that have a military background as an electrician. Another common occupation for veterans with experience is welding.

If the veteran is inexperienced, they will require an apprenticeship or trade school to learn the skill; however, their military training should be extremely helpful in developing a skill over time. With the right workplace development program and mentorship, military veterans can learn a valuable construction trade skill that provides them with a starting annual salary of $50,000 or more and the ability to grow in their industry.

For more information on career opportunities for veterans, please read section five.

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