Common Professions With Wage Violations Part 1

Under Florida law, employers are required to compensate their employees at least $8.25 per hour. Unfortunately, many employers fail to comply with this law. If you work in a low-paying profession, there’s a chance that your employer may be in violation of state or federal laws regulated by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). If you believe that you are owed additional compensation from your employer, please speak with a Tampa wage and hour attorney today.

In this two-part article, our Tampa wage and hour attorneys will discuss the industries where wage and hour violations are most prevalent. In the first section, we will discuss the two most popular industries in regard to these violations: the retail industry and the service industry. In the second section, we will discuss some other industries that commonly have employers taking advantage of their hardworking employees.

The Retail Industry

One of the biggest industries in regard to wage violations is in retail. Big-box stores like Walmart or Home Depot are often in the news for their low hourly wages and few benefits offered to employees. The majority of workers for these giant retail stores make around the minimum wage. With wage theft and other ways employers violate federal employment laws, many workers end up making below the minimum wage for the actual hours they worked. As businesses like Walmart continue to see a healthy annual net growth, many workers fail to earn a living wage.

The Fast Food Industry

The vast majority of fast food workers make under $10 per hour; however, the average age of a fast food employee has significantly increased over the last decade from teenagers to just under 30 years of age. Whether it's timesheet manipulation, forcing workers to work off of the clock, or retaliating against employees that make a complaint, the fast food industry is always at the forefront of wage and hour issues.

The Restaurant Industry

Although fast food is a major form of restaurant service, even the workers that serve tables at more upscale eateries, or even fine dining, earn low hourly wages and are often victims of wage and hour violations. In fact, many tipped workers actually make less per hour than a fast food employee; however, they can earn much more through tipped compensation. Unfortunately, many tipped employees are vulnerable to wage theft. In some cases, employers will redistribute the server or bartender’s hard-earned tipped compensation to non-tipped employees in an improper tip pool.

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