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Construction Labor Shortages in Colorado Part 2

The labor shortage that Colorado is facing is not without its consequences. These shortages drive up the cost of labor projects and delay their completion. Subsequently, the cost of housing has risen steeply to help offset these costs. Construction firms in Colorado will need to find a solution if they wish to address these issues.

In part one of this two-part article, the causes of the Colorado construction labor shortage were detailed. Below, the Colorado Springs contractor lawyers from Cotney Construction Law will discuss the steps that the construction industry can take to bring in new workers and relieve pressure on the current workforce.

Engage Young Workers

The main focus of the construction industry should be to attract and train new, young workers. One way this is happening is through vocational-technical schools and construction industry trade schools. The younger generation will need to be convinced that a viable and stable career in construction is possible.

Once these workers are attached to a construction firm, every effort should be made to ensure they stay. Part of the reason that there is a construction shortage in the first place is that there were no mid-level construction workers to step up and replace retiring workers. Young, green workers should be given proper training and attached to an experienced worker that they can apprentice under. To combat poaching and the scarcity of middle-aged workers, a direct path to leadership roles and management positions within the company should be in place.

Embrace Technology

Technology and innovation should be considered when addressing any labor shortage. Construction innovations, like construction 3D printers, can reduce the need for manpower and provide more specialized jobs for workers. Additionally, these machines can reduce the time of a project and reduce accidents in the workplace. This approach won’t completely solve the labor shortage, but it can relieve pressure on current workers and reduce the urgency for finding new skilled workers.

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