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How to Be More Vocal About Safety on the Project Site Part 2

Safety on the project site is paramount to the success of each and every construction project that breaks ground. Without healthy, functional workers, contractors will be stretched thin as they attempt to meet unachievable deadlines and are forced to make additional expenditures to compensate for a lack of raw manpower.

In part one of this two-part series, the Chattanooga construction lawyers from Cotney Construction Law discussed the importance of contractors being proactive about encouraging workers to seek help when they are injured on the project site. In addition, we detailed a handful of safety posters that can be displayed to help ensure your workers are cognizant of the various safety tips, rules, and regulations meant to keep them safe. Now, we will continue to explore strategies for being more vocal about safety on the project site so you can avoid injuries and citations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Provide a Training Program

While there is a certain degree of separation between the daily duties of contractors and actions taking place during the building process, when a worker is injured on the project site, the fault ultimately falls on the contractor. The contractor is responsible for understanding OSHA’s standards and informing their workers about the necessary protocols for staying safe on the project site.

Employers should provide their employees with a comprehensive training program to help mitigate the types of accidents that lead to injuries. Regardless of how seasoned your workforce is, they can always benefit from additional training. As building processes continue to grow and evolve, you will need to embrace training programs that help your older workers continue to work safely and successfully.

By providing a training program, whether free or paid, you not only help safeguard yourself from a potential claim, you verify that your workers understand the types of actions that could leave them injured, maimed, or even worse. Making training mandatory is an effective way to vocalize your concern for their safety.

Partner with a Chattanooga Construction Lawyer

As a contractor, your duties are as numerous as the workers you employ on your project sites, and falls, slips, and impacts will inevitably cause one of your employees to be sidelined. When you partner with a Chattanooga construction lawyer from Cotney Construction Law, you will have access to a knowledgeable legal representative to help you ensure that your project sites are compliant with OSHA’s various safety standards and even defend you when a citation is issued against you.

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